Campaign for Florida's Community Colleges

Imagine 5,000 students, parents and teachers chanting in the courtyard of Florida's capitol demanding funding for education. That's the vision of a state senator, and he's making a statewide tour to gain support. A grown man on a little school bus may seem a little funny, but his message is serious.

Sen. Ken Pruitt is stopping off at Tallahassee Community College as part of his statewide tour of Florida's 11 public universities and 28 community colleges. Students and faculty say they welcome the chance to discuss proposed changes to the bright futures scholarship program, as well as cuts in funding overall, and as far as community colleges go, what's really going on is thousands of students being turned away

Sen. Pruitt hopes the grassroots campaign will lead to strong representation come the legislative session. He's set aside March 17 for a big education rally at the capitol.