Blind Student Graduates

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He sounds like a radio host, but Terrell Rutledge doesn't see like most. He's legally blind, but that doesn't stop him from doing what he loves.

Terrell said, "It's been a challenge through so much in school. I was pretty much born this way and in radio there's a lot of obstacles, like if you're reading commercial spots you have copy. I have to memorize copy."

Rutledge now has a mass media degree to help him pursue his career. His friends and family say he's an inspiration.

Marselene Rutledge said, "He actually encouraged me. He showed me that he could really do it and I'm really proud of him."

Lauren Foster said, "He's got that personality he's got charisma about himself that character that everybody flocks to."

He says his ears give him an advantage.

Rutledge said, "I hear real well. I hear sounds that other people don't."

Rutledge plans to move to Houston and work for a radio station.

Rutledge added, "This is my life. Once I got into it I just never wanted to leave."

And by the sound of things, it seems Rutledge will have a bright career in this business. Terrell Rutledge says his ultimate goal is to become a morning radio talk show host at a top market station.