Stolen Sheep

Meaghan Thacker really is counting sheep Tuesday since 21 of these kudzu-eating creatures were stolen one week ago.

"My guess is someone took them to eat but I suppose there are lots of other things you could do with sheep. Maybe somebody else has decided they want to clear ground, but my guess is they took them to eat," says Meaghan.

The scene of the crime, a patch of land near the corner of Miccosuskee and Miles Johnson Road. The 21 sheep were taken from a flock of more than 200.

Doell West has seen them at work near the Miccosukee greenway, and can't believe anyone would have the nerve to shanghai sheep.

"The sheep are there for a good purpose, an environmentally sound purpose and who would steal that amount of sheep? What's their reasoning? Sell 'em and slaughter 'em? I think it's terrible," says Doell.

These guys are Leon County's cure for kudzu. Their shepherd of sorts says no one is pulling the wool over her eyes. She fears the stolen sheep will soon be mutton stew, but says thieves beware, the sheep had just been wormed and eating them right now could make you sick.

The missing sheep are all different colors. They're described as two and a half feet tall, about 150 pounds, and missing their left ears. The sheep are worth more than $2,000 and their keeper is certainly concerned about their welfare. She'd love to get them back.