Moody Air Force Base Changes

airport runway

On Wednesday, Moody Air Force Base will go from being under "air combat command" to being part of the Air Force's "special operations" command. It's a change that's designed to streamline many areas of operation at the base, and in the air force.

"We felt with the similarity in missions that we could take a different path when we could move it to Special Operations Command, and give us an opportunity under one umbrella, we could have all the skill sets that were similar," says Paul Hester.

And while the leadership at this base will remain in tact, leaders will have to adjust to answering to a different section of the air force.

"We are changing where the leadership, the management and funding stream flows from."

Now the re-designation will not be very noticeable to the south Georgia community, but it will lead to some very positive changes inside the base, including the streamlining of the Air Force's C-130 tanker planes, plus changes to Moody's helicopter fleet.

"I think it would be safe to say we'd replace our HH-60 helicopters with another medium lift helicopter."

And leaders say the changes will not help Moody in the upcoming BRAC, or Base Realignment and Closing List, but it will give more opportunity to the men and women stationed at Moody when they are ready to move on.

In addition to the changes at the base, Moody leaders will also gain control of units outside of south Georgia who share the same mission of search and rescue.