Havana, Florida Turns 100 Years Old

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Folks are wishing the tiny town of Havana a happy birthday, not just any birthday, but 100 years of rich history and culture.

Nell Gray-Cunningham is the organizer of the event and said, "Havana has continued to grow, it just has a lot of exciting things happen here."

The quaint town came into existence as the result of railroad construction, and became known as Havana on December 5, 1906.

Nancy Brown lives in Havana and said, "I think it's wonderful, I think a small town is marvelous. I think the people who lived here for so many years, and have seen it grow I think that must be terrific."

One local woman said she is bringing back some of that history. Lillie Borden has been weaving pine straw baskets for more than 30 years.

"This is what the people did a long time ago, young folks don't know anything about it," said Lillie Borden.

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, folks said the centennial celebration is a nice quiet place to escape to.

Susan Dixon decided to finish her holiday shopping in Havana and said, "We were in the mall yesterday and it was crazy. This is leisurely and this is outdoors; it's beautiful."

David Dixon of Tallahassee said, "I love it I am a country boy coming from the big city of Tallahassee this is a chance to get away."

And what a beautiful day to do just that.

Others say the birthday party is a great way to catch up with friends and family while getting in the mood for the holidays.

The name Havana was selected in honor of the "Little Cubie," a Cuban type of tobacco grown in the small town since 1906.