Utility Rates on the Rise

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Right now the average Thomasville household pays a monthly utility bill of $160, not including cable. City officials say come 2007 that average could go up just a few dollars.

Thomasville resident Monica Rogers said, "If it's necessary they'll do it. I have confidence in them. Nobody likes to see bills go up, but sometimes it's just necessary and something they have to do."

City officials say the proposed budget for Thomasville in 2007 is $100.2 million. This is the breakdown as to how this affects your utility bills: for the average resident the water rates will go up four percent, sewer up five percent, and cable will go up 10 percent.

Thomasville resident Jim Titus said, "I hate to see the utility bill go up, but you have to have room for progress, and you need money for it and you have to get it from somewhere, and everybody uses the utilities. Maybe they'll just take it easy on us."

City officials say one thing helping to keep these costs from skyrocketing is expanding trash collection to include Brooks County, which is helping to increase revenue and keep utility hikes from burning a hole in your wallet.

The city council will meet to decide on the proposed city budget. Residents will see utility rate increases as they're decided on in future meetings, none of which have been scheduled.