Kindergarten Reading Improvements in Gadsden County

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New results from the state of Florida show kindergartners are making improvements in reading literacy. Gadsden County is one of those school districts where children are excelling in the classrooms.

Dorothy Roberts is a 30-year veteran teacher at Havana Elementary School who's busy helping these kindergarten students make academic strides.

Florida has implemented the Dibels program, a standardized test that measures literacy development. Through the program teachers monitor the kids' progress and work with some of them on a one-on-one basis, ensuring students are proficient in all areas.

Dorothy Roberts said, "I've seen so much improvement. These kids are able to carry the skills on to greater levels form the first Dibels test to the end of the Dibels testing.

The program is one of several tools used in classrooms. Volunteers play a pivotal role in helping these young children write their way to academic improvements, Administrators say the results of community and teacher involvement are showing up on the FCAT.

Elizabeth Turner added, "Our teachers look at those Dibels test results and they individualize based on that, and we've found out once the kids get to the third grade, those that have done well on Dibels, they do well on the FCAT, so we can see a correlation."

In fact, Florida's education commissioner released results of the Dibels test which shows the Gadsden school district is seeing an 11 percent increase in improvements, encouraging results for a district that is taking all the necessary steps to help its students pull together to make academic success.

The Dibels test is given three times a year, allowing teachers to assess student progress year round.