Christmas Connection Feature Family

By Julie Montanaro
December 11, 7:05 p.m.

Each year, we try to share the stories of some of our neighbors who are struggling during the holidays.

The Christmas Connection is trying to help more than 600 families this year.

Among them is a military veteran and single dad in Crawfordville who has had to stop working due to epilepsy.

He's trying to support his two teenage boys, but he can barely pay the bills and they've gone two months already without electricity.

You can imagine with teen boys, they need food and clothes in size extra large. They'd like a soccer ball and some electronic games and more than anything the dad would like to be able to take his sons out for dinner and a movie, so a restaurant gift certificate and movie passes would make their day.

This is case 519. If you can help, take donations to the Christmas Connection, 1000 West Tharpe Street in Tallahassee or call 531-0094 for more information.