Gibson Memorial

It was tribute after tribute. Althea Gibson was professional golfer, a saxophone player, an actress, a singer and best known as an amazing tennis player.

Also, she held a bachelor's degree from Florida A&M University.

Those who knew her, say they won't forget her.

Florida A&M University alum Althea Gibson refused to settle.

"Never. She never gave up. Those who knew her, knew about her competitiveness, comments Dr. Fred Gainous.

Althea Gibson attended FAMU on an athletic scholarship, she played basketball and tennis, a game she later dominated the world in.

Gibson paved the road for Tiger Woods, Arthur Ashe, Serena and Venus Williams.

She became the first black American to win on the royal courts of Wimbledon, and the first to win the U.S. National Tennis championships.

Later, she was the first black American to play on the professional golf tour. All that Gibson accomplished isn't forgotten by those at her Alma Mater.

Althea Gibson's funeral will be held Thursday in Newark New Jersey.

FAMU president Gainous will attend.