Grooverville Grumble

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Roxanna Haynes
December 12, 2006

Grooverville, Georgia is a historic town and now one step closer to getting recognition from the county. Not a lot has changed except for the addition of chain link fences and abandoned cars.

Fred Groover, who grew up in Grooverville, said, "I hope they'll clear that mess so people can go back and enjoy their heritage."

At a previous meeting the Brooks County Board of Commissioners voted to abandon the issue of claiming Grooverville's streets.

Jamison said, "It's still there, it's a street. It's public property and it should be accessible to the public."

Residents are wanting it to be opened to the public, but Mr. McLoud says it's his.

Jerry McLoud said, "Everything within this fence is my property. I plan to keep living here, tending my own business and hope everyone else will do the same."

In the end, the voices of the concerned residents of Grooverville won out. In a unanimous decision the board voted to do everything in its power to ensure the public access to Grooverville, giving Groovers reason to celebrate.

The petitioners say all they want is the county to designate and recognize the property. Grooverville will be privately kept and maintained.