Human Remains Found

This construction site off Capital Circle will soon be the Wolf Creek subdivision.

If you follow a dirt road about 200 yards you'll see yellow crime tape and lots of deputies.

Dozens of them are digging through the underbrush to see if they can spot any more remains. They believe the bones found belong to a woman, but they don't know much more.

Earl Smith is the man who discovered them.

"I seen it about a week before but never checked it out, I seen the top of it but didn't know what it was. We had some pipe up there we had to move, so I went up there when I was moving the pipe and I saw it and I picked it up. It was the top part of the skull and part of a bone. It looked like a leg bone to me," Smith explains.

While we were on scene this afternoon deputies found another bone fragment, what appears to be a piece of jawbone, a couple of feet away from the original discovery.

They'll be back again Thursday with teams to sift through the dirt more thoroughly.

So do deputies believe this is the scene of a crime there is record of an old cemetery on this property, or it could be a crime scene, who knows. Determining the age bone will be key to find what happened to her.