Former TPD Officer's Certification in Jeopardy

A Tallahassee Police officer's career is now on the line after fellow officers confront her for trying to buy cocaine.

Back in February, officers doing surveillance on what they say is a "known drug house" on Fifth Avenue spotted officer Shannen Brown and another woman pull up in her truck and go to the door.

Officers Initially thought it was part of an undercover sting, but say Brown admitted on scene that she was "looking for some powder."

Brown resigned soon afterward, but her certification as a law enforcement officer is now on the line.

"We don't want a police officer to go anywhere else to any community and present a potential danger or issue in that community, so that's why the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission will review her certification, and decide whether or not she should be certified as a police officer," Tallahassee Police Spokesman David McCranie said.

Tuesday afternoon, a Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission panel determined there was probable cause to send Brown's case to a hearing and she could ultimately be cleared, disciplined or lose her certification altogether.

Brown did not attend the hearing Tuesday.

TPD's Internal Affairs investigation found the 10 year veteran of the force violated rules & ethics, and sustained a complaint of conduct unbecoming an officer.

The report says there was no proof that Brown bought cocaine that night and she did not test positive for drugs.

The report found that Brown went to the home on Fifth Avenue with Deborah Hendrix. Hendrix said Brown picked her up a few blocks away and offered to pay her five dollars to help her find some "powder." The woman says she never received the money from Brown and the two never bought cocaine at the house because the woman who sells it wasn't home at the time.

Brown was one of more than 100 officers who faced disciplinary action at a meeting of a Criminal Justice Standards and Training panel Tuesday.

Several other local officers were on the docket too.

Falynn Peddie, a former employee at the Gadsden Correctional Institution, is accused of having an improper relationship with an inmate. The panel found probable cause to pursue her case.

Roger Rankin, a former Wakulla County deputy, is accused of drunk driving. The panel also found probable cause in his case.

The panel also found probable cause to pursue complaints against Jennifer Bradford of the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office and Anthony Brown of the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office.

An FDLE Spokesman says decisions about the law enforcement officers' futures could take months.

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