Local Smuggler Flees

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A Valdosta business owner has turned fugitive.

Andrew Wright used to own Superbike Racing Incorporated in Valdosta until he was charged with nine counts related to international smuggling. Business owners nearby say he was very knowledgeable about trading overseas.

Marcus Ray, who owns a computer business next door, said, "He had talked about maybe exporting computers with him. He had some contacts overseas. We never pursued it or anything."

The FBI says Wright did pursue importing motorcycles and their parts on his own. Local bike experts feel what he was doing is dangerous.

Darrell Robinson, a local motorcycle builder, said, "You wouldn't know what speed you were going and the headlight is different, the emissions are different, so it's and environmental issue too."

Wright is sentenced to 27 months to be served in an Ohio prison. He's failed to show up and the U.S. attorney says he's committed a federal offense.

In an e-mail to Eyewitness News Wright said, "As far as my wife was aware I was traveling to Ohio. I waited until she left work on Wednesday. I executed my plan with the utmost precision. I was very successful. You will never take me alive to be tortured in your death chambers."

Ray said, "He just seemed like an ordinary costumer running a small business."

Robinson added, "Very shocked. I can't believe someone was doing that."

The FBI says if he doesn't have a good reason for not showing up to prison they'll work to track him down.

The FBI says the only way Wright wouldn't face additional charges is if he did not report because of a medical emergency. No medical emergency was mentioned in his e-mails.