Lowndes High Changing Entrance

By Ben Wolf
Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Traffic backing up, parents waiting longer, intersections crowding. Lowndes High is getting a facelift and student drivers say it's in the nick of time.

"I think it's so bad I don't even go on St. Augustine anymore. I come from on Gornto and I don't even turn on St. Augustine anymore. I go around the mall so I don't even have to go on it," said junior Laura Kivi.

The main entrance to the school will be switched from St. Augustine Road to Norman Drive.

School officials say this should alleviate backups on nearby I-75 and congestion at the St. Augustine-Norman Drive intersection.

"The traffic at Norman and St. Augustine, that is the busiest intersection in Valdosta if I recall correctly and the traffic backing up going north and west on St. Augustine has just continued to get worse," said Lowndes County school official Mike Powers.

Officials say the new four lane entrance will solve more than just traffic problems.

"It will allow us to increase the parking on the front part of the campus and allow us also to stretch parent, student, and drop-off parking," said Lowndes High Principal Wes Taylor.

Planners say an opportunity for landscaping will also a give the campus a new look.

School officials hope to start construction on the new entrance in March and have it completed by the start of next school year.