$49 Million Winning Lottery Ticket Sold At Thomasville Store

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Thomasville, GA - They played the same numbers twice a week for ten years at the same convenience store, and it finally paid off.

The Voniers are now 50 million dollars richer in Georgia's mega millions lottery.

They were given that life-changing oversized check for 50-million dollars today at the store they've remained loyal to for the past decade, Susie-Q's up 319.

BJ Vonier, Mega Millions Winner, stated, "it does not feel real, it feels like I'm in a dream world, it really does, it's a dream world, but it's a good thing."

Zippy Vonier, Mega Millions Winner, stated, "I thought maybe an error. I had to read it about four or five times to verify that I was looking at it."

Zippy works with septic tanks, and his wife works at an assisted living facility in Thomaville.

She says she'd definitely like to keep working; he was still too shocked to think that far ahead.

The couple was already in celebration mode before winning the jackpot. Their son, who is a marine, recently came home from Afghanistan.

Thomasville, GA- Some lucky person in our area will soon be $49 million richer.

Susie Q's Convenience Store off of Highway 319 North in Thomasville sold Tuesday night's winning Mega Millions Ticket.

The winner, however, has not yet come forward to claim their $49 million prize.

The store's owner says they do not receive a cut of the jackpot, but he is thrilled to have sold the winning ticket.

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