Drug Crackdown in Cairo


Thursday, the streets in Cairo, Georgia have become a bit safer.

Officers from four area law enforcement agencies conducted the fall's first pre-sunrise drug sting to put the "crackdown" on crack and marijuana.

Cairo Police tell us 20 people have been rounded up following an investigation that began last spring.

Police say now, along with drugs, these pushers have dealt themselves some time in the Grady County Jail.

That's a rude awakening at 5:30 a.m. on a Thursday

But Cairo Police say almost two-dozen people in this neighborhood got what was coming to them.

Police say for months, and even years, the 20 people arrested in this sting have been dealing crack and marijuana on the streets of Cairo.

"It's a continuing process, unfortunately these people get out on bond, they go through the court system and don't get sent to prison and they're back out on the street doing the same thing, so it's a never-ending cycle," explains Ronnie Thompson.

While community members say they're glad to see the bad guys go, they fear some neighborhoods in Cairo may have already made a permanent turn for the worst

"It's not any safer, you're just sort of scattering them around, the problem's going to come right back," adds Albert Smith Jr.

Police say this is not the first sting, and it won't be the last. As long as complaints keep coming in, the investigations will continue and more arrests will be made.

"We do this every day, and if they're going to do this, they're going to get caught," says Keith Sandefur.

Police say this is their message to all dealers, and to the law-abiding citizens who they say, will finally get some peace.

All the suspects were taken to the Grady County Jail, they face various counts of drug possession and distribution.

How often are stings like this conducted?

As often as possible, however, there is a shortage of undercover police in Georgia, and without them, this sting may not have occurred.