FSU Study: Children and Depression

When we hear about depression...we often think of adults...sometimes teens.

FSU psychologist Janet Kistner recently surveyed more than 900 area elementary students and found a surprising trend.

Janet Kistner, FSU psychologist, said, "in this study we found African American boys reporting more symptoms of depression than other children.

So she then looked at the boy's social and academic progress. Socially they were doing just as well as others, liked by kids, but in school they have more difficulty and perceived themselves as having more problems.

A lot of kids come to middle school already depressed because of academics. With black and white girls reporting lower and similar levels of depressive symptoms, Nims Middle School counselor Tracy Bane adds another reason for the high rate among young black males is "a lot of African American families have a low socioeconomic status and a lot of boys don't have a father around and don't have that male figure and it affects them greatly."

Overall, Kistner hopes her study will alert parents and teachers about the importance of early detection.