Vandals Strike at Leon High School

Monday night someone spray painted the practice field at Lincoln High School with Leon colors, but overnight this friendly foe turned ugly.

The Leon versus Lincoln rivalry dates back generations, Candi Aubin remembers it fondly.

"It's a big rivalry. It still goes on even when you are older you still look forward to," says Aubn, president of Leon High School Boosters.

But the writing on the wall says that rivalry has been taken to the extreme.

When vandals armed with spray paint defaced school property.

"I was so disappointed I thought we'd pass this. Keep our rivalry on out on the football field save school spirit for Friday night," says Leon High School principal Margo Hall.

Instead, the field has been turned into a crime scene, and this expression of school spirit is a criminal offense. While it may have seemed like a harmless prank, the spray paint can be covered up but the consequences could have a lasting effect.

"If we make any arrest they will be charged with felonies and looking at serious charges because it is in thousands of dollars," adds Leon school resource officer Paul Emmons.

Now this timeless tradition is marked by yellow tape, and this one time friendly foe has some facing felony charges.

Lincoln High School principal Martha Bunch told her students Thursday morning to have good school spirit and make sure you do the right thing at the right time.

She says this is not a representation of how Lincoln High School works.

Authorities do not have any suspects in custody, but they are following up on several leads they gathered from the scene.