Update: Human Remains Found


Thursday, Leon County deputies and FDLE agents painstakingly sifted through yards of dirt, examining each handful for hidden bone fragments.

A construction worker found part of a skull and possibly a piece of leg bone here earlier this week, and experts are trying to glean information from every piece.

"The more fragmentation the less we'll be able to say about it. Ideally we would find a whole complete bone or a complete skeleton, so they could be anywhere in this dirt here or in the surface here, or in the 160 loads of dirt that have already been taken out (of here)," explains crime lab analyst Stefan Schmidtt.

The developer brought in a backhoe to help examine and level a huge mound of dirt near the scene.

The slow, methodical process could last well into Friday.

Deputies don't know yet if construction workers stumbled on a crime scene, or an old burial plot.