Haiti Mission Auction

Some people walked for hours to get to a medical clinic in Dumay, Haiti, anxious to see Tallahassee Doctor Woodie Smith and a group of volunteers offering free medical care.

Nursing student Darlene Joseph was there, and the impact is still with her.

"It was kind of sad to see the extreme that the patients were in, conditions. We here in America , we get treated easily over the counter like we just go buy Tylenol, there they walk miles to get something simple as Tylenol," shares Joseph.

Darlene is busy in the kitchen cooking up curried chicken and black beans and rice, getting ready for a dinner and auction that will raise money for the next medical mission.

An idea hatched on a bus ride as she and others were leaving the impoverished island nation.

"It was so amazing, so emotional, so intense that I had to come back and find a way to continue to do that even though I'm not in Haiti," explains Petty Gustave.

Peggy Gustave has been to the island where her parents were born several times, but the medical mission was a first.

She says buying one of these colorful paintings or ironworks will indeed help ease pains for children in Haiti.

The art auction is being put on by Adopt a Village, it's underway beginning Friday night at the First Church of the Nazarene on the corner of Mahan Drive and the new Blairstone extension.