Shotgun Robbery Caught on Tape

By Julie Montanaro
December 15, 6:30pm

It's starting to sound more like the wild west than west side Tallahassee as two men with shotguns in hand and bandanas across their faces held up another store.

The Super X Mart was hit by shotgun toting robbers early Friday morning for the second time in two weeks.

"As they come in, they take over. They're using these guns to bully, to push, to very much intimidate the people that are involved," said Leon County Sheriff's Office Spokesman Chris Chase.

Deputies believe the same men have robbed three, possibly four west side businesses already this month, but this surveillance video offers the first glimpse of a face, just before one of the robbers lifts his mask and signals two accomplices to move in.

It was caught on tape when Al Khalil's convenience store was robbed on Wednesday.

"All of a sudden, somebody pops out from nowhere and attacks you. That pretty much scary. I've been in war, but the war is different, at least you know your enemy when he's coming at you," said Khalil.

A&E Wholesale owner Ingolf Askevold was robbed at gunpoint and tied up by two men last week. Deputies think that too is part of the spree.

"At the very least, it's unsettling. It's life changing is what it is. There really aren't words to describe it. It is life changing," said owner Ingolf Askevold.

Askevold has since added locks, more cameras and a no cash policy, but he'll feel a whole lot better when the shotgun robbers are caught.

These robbers, sometimes two, sometimes three, strike either early in the morning from 5-7 a.m. or evenings 7-11 p.m., so far all on Tallahassee's west side.

If you recognize the men or know anything about the holdups, call Crime Stoppers at (850) 574-TIPS.