New Job Opportunites on the Horizon

The job scarcity facing one area community will possibly change, as a new company is breaking ground. Charles Pendergrass files an application to work at the up coming Nestle Waters Bottling plant in Madison County.

Pendergrass currently works with Dixie Packers, a meat processing plant for Winn Dixie. City leaders say the plant is the number one employer in Madison, but he says that's slowly changing. "That's a reason a bunch of us are here today, matter of fact, I've seen several other employees, here filling out applications," said Pendergrass.

"Everyday, we here of Winn Dixie having problems, so that's a concern, " said Roy Ellis a Madison County Commissioner. "Anytime we start losing jobs, and hear that kind of rumor, that's a real concern."

Commissioner Ellis welcomes the new company and the new jobs. Rob Fisher, the plant's future manager, says they will start off with about 60 employees, with room for growth. "We'll continue to grow at this plant, we have the facilities designed to be able to grow to 10 production lines, and upwards to 300 people," said Fisher.

Close to 1,000 applications were turned in at this recruiting fair, a sure sign area residents are interested. The interview process will last until late October, with the plant scheduled to open in March of 2004.