Students Getting a Head Start

By Kate Gaier
2:15 pm December 16, 2006
Smiling faces pack the auditorium at Head Start. But if it weren't for a few "angels" among them, some of the children would be empty handed come Christmas morning.
Old Saint Nick is helping pass out a few presents to nearly two hundred children. The presents are more than gifts, they'll help children learn to read and write...opening the door to a bright future.
Karen Ambrose works at the District Attorney's Office and says, "It's important that they can read and write at a young age. This just instills that. Some of them won't get anything for Christmas. This is just important that they get something educational."
Cynthia Hope, the principal at Head Start says giving the children educational toys will have the biggest impact long-term, "These little children are the future of tomorrow. So if we don't work with them now and show them what they're supposed to be and how they can improve it and make it better, we're going to be lost."
Kathy Megahee with Thomas County Family Connection adds,"We hope that the parents will take time with their children to sit and read with them and just bond and be a family."
Eager faces look on, but little do they know that a brighter future could lie on the other side of the wrapping paper.
This is the third year members of the community have come together to make sure the children at Head Start have something to open Christmas morning.