FSU Graduation December 2006

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There are mixed emotions as they walk across the stage and step into Florida State alumni status.

Chad Woodruff, a new graduate, said, "It was a great experience. It's nothing like I've ever experienced before. It was an exhilarating feeling to actually know that I'm graduating and all of the hard work paid off."

Some students say they already miss the freedom of the college lifestyle.

Carolina De La Rionda, who just graduated, said, "Living on my own and going out all of the time. I know it's going to be more responsibility. I am going to have to work."

Carolina's mother was just one of the nearly 15,000 family members and friends who packed the Civic Center to congratulate their loved ones.

"We're the proudest parents you could ever think of. This is our baby getting graduated and it's the third one graduating. She is graduating Magna Cum Luade from the School of Business. She has always been an excellent student and an excellent daughter."

Some students just can't get enough.

Woodruff said, "I plan on going to graduate school here at Florida State to get an MBA in business."

Whatever path they choose, one chapter has closed and it's time to begin a new one. Saturday around 1,500 students representing 14 of FSU's colleges were honored at the commencement ceremony.