Thousands of Toys Find a Home for the Holidays

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Mountains of toys fill the Navy- Marine Corps Center in Tallahassee, the Toys for Tots drive is putting presents underneath the Christmas tree of more than 4,000 kids.

Felicia Evans came to collect her child's toys and says, "It's a joyful thing to me it really helps me and other parents that need help to get our kids some toys for Christmas."

Putting a smile on as many kids' faces as possible is the main goal, and with more than 26,000 toys that shouldn't be a problem.

Marine Sgt. Enrique Gato appreciates the support from the community. "We have had huge support from the community this year more than I would say in the past, the community really stepped up, we couldn't do it with out them," said Gato.

Parents said in tough economic times, it's a relief to know the community has given their children a Christmas they may not have otherwise had.

"It would be real rough, they would have a lot smaller Christmas it wouldn't be as fun, and they wouldn't get as many items and the pleasure and happiness, the Marines do a great job," said one parent.

The Marines pass out thousands of bags full of goodies to folks from across the Big Bend, but not without waiting in a long line.

"It's tiring we stood in line, we got here at 5:30 and got up close to the gate about seven hours later," said one man who waited in line.

Hours later, this family said it's worth the wait as they walk away with a brighter Christmas for their family.

The Marines started collecting the toys in late October.