Reaching Out to Hurting Students

Students at Madison County Central High School are mourning the loss of one of their classmates who died in a tragic accident over the weekend.

The small community of Madison is grieving the loss of 15-year-old Thomas Glee, junior who loved playing football for his school.

Authorities say shortly after 11:30 Saturday night Glee died from a gunshot wound to the neck. Pete Bucher at the Madison County Sheriff's office, said, "there was a young female there according to our investigation had discharged the firearm accidently and it struck the victim in the neck."

Police are calling the incident an accidental shooting.

Monday as students arrived on campus they were faced with the news of losing one of their own.

Ministers and grief counselors are on hand to help these students cope with this tragic loss.

Rebecca Sellers, Madison High School guidance counselor, said, "they're real sad they're real quiet. It's usually a loud bubbly school, but there's no sound. You can hear a pin drop and they're crying, they're talking to each other." And they're also sending message of love.

A large banner hangs on the wall inside of the school on it students are writing expressions of their heartfelt loss and how much they miss their classmate.

Meanwhile, a makeshift memorial with a helmet and a football sits near the school's entrance as a reminder of a well-liked athlete who stole the hearts of so many.

Friday at 1:45 p.m., school officials will hold a memorial service for glee in the school's gym. Funeral services are set for Saturday morning at North Florida Community College.