Ticket Rush

Many students found themselves in a dangerous situation Monday morning.

The hopes of a ticket to the Miami game pushed some students to far.

There's no doubt about it, this Saturday's Miami-FSU game is the hottest ticket in town. Apparently though too hot, as what is normally a fun wait in line became a scary experience.

"Pretty crowded mob of people making their way into a confined space and people were getting trampled and pushed and stepped on and people were cut up and lost their shoes and stepped on," says Jay Atkinson.

The ticket rush occurred before daylight at 6 a.m. Hundreds of students crashed a gate and found themselves in a tight space for forty-five minutes before university police could break up the crowd.

"It was completely done wrong. They said we were a mob. we were trying to get tickets to the game and they made it an unnecessary situation of how we can get tickets to the game," Jared Billings says.

FSU Police Chief Carey Drayton says that the construction at Dick Howser Stadium created a bad environment to distribute the tickets. Too many students and not enough space. He wants to see these lines done away with for good.

"My vote is to do a virtual campout like we do for block seating and just do away with the need for students being out there taking away from studying and other activities," Drayton says.

The best news to report, no injuries or arrests. Just a lot of frustrated students.

Patrick Martin, who runs the FSU ticket office, he says that Internet distribution will be taken under serious consideration.