Teachers Attend Special Workshop

FSU Policy Studies professor Joseph Beckman is debriefing Leon County school administrators on legal issues such as free speech, religious expression, right to privacy to search and seizure.

NIMS Middle School Principal Pamela Hayman says it's important to know where her responsibility starts and ends.

"Very tough because you walk a thin line. You want to protect the children but also the faculty and staff you work with," explains Principal Hayman.

Administrators were given scenarios involving weapon possession to offensive clothing, and asked how they would respond.

Its serious business because responding the wrong way in real life could end up the u-s supreme court.

"One of the things we want to avoid is legal liability as well as create educational policy that is guided by what is legally required and legally permissible," Dr. Beckman says.

"It's a balancing act, but this information will help us a lot," adds Director of School Safety and Security Ron Steverson.

Dr. Beckman is a former president of the National Organization on Legal Problems of Education.