Homicide Investigation in Lanier County


Investigators say one of the deaths could be the first murder in Lanier County in more than 15 years.

The investigation is moving ahead quickly. Autopsies are being performed on both bodies in Atlanta Tuesday, as investigators hope to learn more about both deaths.

Here's what state investigators know so far, 41-year-old Jody Graham, and on Monday her body was discovered in this Lanier County home where she worked as a house keeper and nanny.

At this point, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation will not call her death a homicide.

"She had met with some violent injuries and autopsy results are pending in Atlanta."

The second death under investigation is that of Annette Anderson.

Now authorities say this is where Annette Anderson was killed, where her SUV crashed into these pine trees. Now, this site is just a quarter mile away from where Jody Graham was found dead a few hours later. And investigators say they have evidence linking the two sites together.

"The Department of Corrections K-9 team came out to assist us, they are actually the ones who helped us link the two incidents through tracking as well as locating evidence between the two scenes," says John Heinen of the GBI.

Walter Anderson, the husband of the woman who died in the SUV crash, was arrested early Tuesday morning in Valdosta for a parole violation.

At this point, he is only considered a "person of interest."

GBI. investigators say the car belonging to graham, the house keeper, was stolen after her death, but was later discovered unoccupied.

Authorities are going over all the evidence looking for clues as to what caused the crash of Anderson's SUV, and if foul play was involved in the death of Jody Graham, and if Graham's car which was found in brooks county can shed any more light on a possible suspect.

Bill, when do authorities hope to know the answers to those questions?

The autopsies on both women should shed a lot of light as to the how's and whens. Once those questions are answered, authorities can move forward with their investigation.