Bike-Pedestrian Plan

The county and city receives floods of complaints, some say motorists won't share the road, others say there aren't enough trails downtown.

Planners say it's time for change, and a 20-year master-plan may be the answer.

Leon County for many this single-track bike trail may seem dangerous. But it's actually a safer bet when it comes to riding your bike in Leon County.

The reason, there aren't enough bike trails, and sharing the road with cars is a chancy move.

"If we could get some of these cars off the road that would be great," says Leon County resident Mac McManus.

The problem? Tallahassee officials say the area suffers from a disconnected bicycle and pedestrian network.

Take for instance Miccosukkee Road, there's plenty of room for bikers along the roadside.

But head up the road to the greenway, you'll see a drastic change, making the ride too close for comfort.

The cars aren't going anywhere any time soon, but the county and city of Tallahassee officials hope to double pedestrian traffic with new trails and facilities that are currently on the drawing table.

Obviously downtown is a focal point, also Lake Ella, we're focusing on how to get people to and from these areas," says planner Jennifer Carver.

It's a preliminary plan to create a safer environment, so bikers and runners can venture out of the woods.

The Tallahassee Leon County metropolitan planning organization wants your input in the master plan, if you have ideas, their next meeting is this Thursday at the Collins Public Library at 5 p.m.

There will be another public meeting in January, and one more in March. Then, by next April or May the plan should be adopted.