Winter Wonderland Comes to Life

A new couple to our area has brought their Christmas cheer with them, and that's even after repeated disasters tried to break their holiday spirit.

Everyone in Perry knows about the 1904 Victorian home on Jefferson Street. Commonly referred to as Greystone, folks can now call it a winter wonderland.

Perry Resident Carla Brock describes the some of the features of the home, "The North Pole room has a real sleigh and Santa and Mrs. Claus are going to be in that. The room is full of animation. Then they have a room with gingerbread houses and Mickey and Minnie Mouse and all the animations in there. They have a room with Winnie the Pooh. It's just great for kids to come see."

Christopher James and his wife Leah recently opened a Christmas shop there.

They moved to Perry after their 13,000 square foot Christmas store in the West Palm Beach area was destroyed.

James says in 2004, Hurricane Frances flooded the store, Hurricane Jean took the roof off, and 2005's Hurricane Wilma finished it off.

Owner of Christopher's Christmas Shoppe Christopher James says, "That was a very traumatic experience that I had down south losing that building; opening the door and finding the roof gone and seeing the sky. Because the liens I had from the city saying that I had decorations that were against the law, I couldn't get the building fixed. So we had to sell it."

The James’s are offering tours of their new Christmas set-up in their new hometown.

Tourist John Ketring says of the attraction, "All of the decorations upstairs are amazing. Some of these decorations people in Perry have never even seen before."

James says no matter where they live, they'll always share the wonder of Christmas with others.

Santa will be at the home Saturday from 6:00 to 8:00PM.