Law Enforcement Seeking Restrictions on Driving

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James Robinson has many gadgets in his car that distract him while driving.

"Messing with the radio, talking with your friends, playing around, looking for different CDs and stuff like that," said Robinson.

With electronics topping a lot of Christmas lists there are several new gadgets that may focus attention on the cool new toys and off the road.

"It's not the fact that necessarily someone has a hands-free. It's the fact that their attention is not focused on their driving, and when a person gets that attention off their driving then certainly they are less likely to respond to emergencies," said LT David Folsom of the Tallahassee Police Department.

Florida law enforcement intends to continue lobbying the legislature for restrictions of operating some gadgets such as cell phones while driving through school zones or operation public transportation.

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut already have laws prohibiting talking on hand held cell phones while driving.

Although Robinson admits these gadgets can be distracting, he claims he pays close attention to what's going on around him.

"Just play closer attention to the road and when stuff does come up that you got to mess with don't put all your attention on that," added Robinson.

Law enforcement says it hard to determine the impact of using gadgets while driving because it is not always accurately reported.