TCC's Chief of Police Receives President's Award

The chief of the Tallahassee Community College Police Department has been honored above all others.

TCCPD, a small force of nine officers, has a big reputation when it comes its crime prevention program.

Chief Van Greene just got word he has been chosen to receive the president's award from the Florida Crime Prevention Association, beating out all sheriff's and chiefs across the state of Florida.

"It's still sinking in, it still hasn't hit me yet," Officer Greene shares.

Officer Elijah Stackhouse says TCC's program covers a variety of areas, such as personal safety, I.D. theft.

"We have speakers come in to talk about landlord/tenant rules and hurricane awareness. Anything to inform the public. We also hand out flyers and pamphlets, things of that nature," says Officer Stackhouse.

Celebrating only its third year as a police force, Chief Greene's crime prevention program appears to be working on the campus of more than 12,000 students.

The FCPA is the oldest, active crime prevention association in the U.S. The last local law enforcement officer to receive this honor was Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, in 1998.