Hamilton County Voters Approve Jai Alai Center

More than 60-percent of voters are hoping that a jai alai center will help create job growth.

Within the next two years, this field behind me will be transformed to become the new home for a $30 million pari-mutual gaming facility. Local tourism leaders say this is just the kind of spark the local economy has needed for a long time.

"And this will be the spark that kicks it off, like I said, motels restaurants, and possibly an amusement park are looking at coming in," says Tourism Director Bobby Poor.

People opposed to this measure say even though they are against the plan, its unlikely they will take any legal action to stop it.

Local government leaders say development will bring in much needed tax revenue.

They expect at least 300 thousand dollars in new tax money, and that's just from one property.

"Its good for the community. We've never had anything here before, and this is going to be really good for us. It will be upbeat, the place will get better, tourist will come, revenue will go up and people can get off the street and have jobs and be comfortable and live better," explains Bobby Claridy of Favors Gaming Center.

And that's what people living around this community are hoping now, that this one project is not the end, but the beginning to a major economic development.

Construction is expected to start on the jai alai center early next year, and other business growth is expected to follow shortly afterward.