Life Savers

Three men in Madison County are receiving praise and are being called Heroes, as well as Guardian Angels.

The accolades are coming from the Madison County EMS Director for saving the life of a volunteer fire chief.

Quick thinking, up to date training, along with the latest technology helped save the life of Fire Chief Jack Pickels of the New Home Volunteer Fire Department.

Three good men have a lot to do with why he's still alive today.

Pickels says he doesn't remember much about the day he almost died.

Sept. 20, around 7:30 a.m., the New Home Volunteer Fire Department responded to a trailer fire.

Pickels says within minutes of arriving, his whole life

"I was out of it. I was trying to get the truck to pump water. I just went out, like that," explains Pickels.

Simmie Pickels heard over the scanner that her husband was down.

"I got in the car and took off," adds Pickels' wife Simmie.

At the scene it was Pickels' nephew and grandson who reached him first.

"I panicked at first, but then remembered and used my training," adds newphew Kevin Andrews.

"I just wanted to save his life as if it were anyone else," says grandson Brian Bish.

Soon, a Madison County EMS responder was there to help save Pickels life, with his training and some technology.

"Brian and Kevin were doing CPR. I asked if they had an AED. They said 'NO' and I said 'Well we do," recalls Madison County EMT Bruce Jordan.

Pickels was brought back to life, and taken to the hospital. Today, Pickels is alive and well.

Jack Pickels isn't volunteering right now at the fire department.

He's taking things slow to make sure he's had a full recovery.