Midway Manager Flap

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A group of concerned citizens in Midway are meeting with their council member, discussing problems at City Hall.

Residents say the city staff and manager are often rude and do not listen to their concerns.

In addition, some of the residents claim minorities are often overlooked when it comes to contracts for city projects.

Several of the citizens signed a petition which will be presented to the board at their January 4 meeting with hopes of removing the city manager from office.

Midway councilmember Chuck Willis said, "My main concern is having a meeting with concerned citizens about the concerns of Midway, about slack of needs of the citizens. They're being disrespected, denying minorities for business, also dealing with city issues."

Jerry Range, a Midway resident, said, "A lot of citizens are afraid to call the City Hall because of the way they're talked to on the phone. The way they're treated, which that's totally unacceptable if you're a city official you're a city servant you have to treat them with special care."

Eyewitness News contacted the city manager who says he did not want to comment on this matter.