Lincoln Parents React to Vandalism Charges

Seventeen students have been given civil citations, and five have been singled out for felony charges.

Parents say a felony is going too far.

Frank Myers is a personal injury attorney in Tallahassee.

And his latest client is none other than his 17-year-old daughter Stephanie, who is accused of felony criminal mischief for a night of egging and spray painting at Leon High School.

"This was a demonstration of school spirit. It was not done maliciously to hurt anyone. Yes, she should be responsible for her conduct and charging her with a felony is way overboard," says Myers.

Stephanie is one of five Lincoln High School students facing felony charges for this.

An estimated $5,000 worth of damage done to Leon High School last week.

No Leon High students have been arrested as yet for a graffiti calling-card left at Lincoln two days earlier.

But sheriff's deputies say the investigation isn't over yet.

"We do have some leads and some new evidence that might implicate some Leon High students, but we are doing all we can do to get this resolved as soon as possible," Jimmie Williams says.

Despite rumors to the contrary, the Lincoln High principal says she did not tell deputies to forego charging fans for the attack on her home turf.

As for furious father Frank Myers, he calls the felony charges an over-reaction, and one that could tarnish these students for a lifetime.

Another parent we spoke to says clean up and restitution would have been a more appropriate punishment, and still have been a lesson learned for these students.

The sheriff's department says felony charges kick in once damage surpasses $1,000.