Single Mother Receives Huge Christmas Gift

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Hundreds stood in the rain Friday to give Tammy Boyd a warm welcome.

Christian Heritage Church Pastor Richard Ledford showed Boyd her new home, one she will share with her eight-year-old twin boys.

"I too have been a single parent. I know what it is like to raise kids on your own. I was just so excited to know the church was doing this for this young lady," said church member Yolonda Cave.

The home is completely remodeled and filled with new furniture, appliances and Christmas presents.

"Her and her boys were out shopping yesterday for gifts for the children of whoever would get the house. I told her this morning that it was her. She screamed and all that good stuff," said Ledford.

"My security and law enforcement side is wondering who is outside doing crowd control," said Boyd with laughter.

"I just thought it could not have happened to a better person. She is a wonderful person to be around," said church member Tadarrayl Starke.

"You talk about someone with favor on their life, she has favor on her life, and I thank God for this blessing," said church member Lynette Darity.

Boyd will not have to make a single payment on this three-bedroom home. Everything inside was given by generous donors.

"I was living on a month to month lease. My plans were to put a down payment on a home. Now I don't have to do that," said Boyd, who is a member of the church.

She had been helping to remodel the home, but had no idea the keys would be turned over to her.