Call Street Becomes a Two-Way

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Some changes in the traffic patterns are easing the congestion.

Call Street has been a one-way for decades, but now the one way signs are gone, replaced with two-way traffic postings.

The two-way will stretch between Meridian and Copeland. Traffic engineers hope the change may elevate some of the downtown traffic.

The new traffic patterns come with some mixed reactions.

"I think it's great. Traffic can get through to downtown a whole lot quicker; it should have been done a long time ago," said Don Head, motorist.

"I think accidents, because you still have traffic going south on Calhoun Street, and it's not a two-way there, and then you have the decision to make to go on Call Street. I think there will be problems," said Janice Patterson, a business owner on Call Street.

Officials say the change will eliminate 53 on street parking spaces. The city estimates it will cost $350,000 to make all of the changes.

Police are in the area helping guide traffic, and the signs will also remind cars to share the road with bicyclists.