Governor Bush Flies Out of Tallahassee One Last Time

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The rain fell on Tallahassee Regional Airport as Florida's 43rd governor flew out for the last time as governor. Jeb Bush recalls his last eight years in Tallahassee, "Maybe the most prominent thing in my memory, will be the chance in the last eight years to be a mentor at Raa Middle School. I've had a chance to visit with a lot of great kids, rub elbows with some really fine teachers." Governor Bush called 700 North Adams Street home during his two terms as governor and a city he says people should be proud to call home. Bush said, "People should be proud to live here. It's a beautiful community, committed to the right things. It's just a great beautiful place to live, so I'm going to miss that." Just in the last year, he's been a part of the Tallahassee community, announcing the clean up of Cascades Park, the birth place of Florida's Capital City, unveiled the state's first ethanol pump at a North Monroe Street gas station, and then there was the occasional visit from his father, former president, George H.W. Bush. But, after two terms as Florida's governor, his time is up. First Lady Columba and "First Cat" Sugar boarded the plane along with him on Friday afternoon, headed to Miami where he will finish his term. When asked about the next chapter in his life, Bush said, "I'm going to take some time off, hopefully do a little fishing, go golfing, resting, reading, exercising and then I've gotta make a living so I'll figure it out probably in January." Governor Bush didn't leave the Capital City without a few words for Governor-elect Charlie Crist, "I wish the best for Governor Crist and I know he's going to love the new address, the new home he's got and I really wish him well and I think he'll be a fine governor." Crist will take the oath of office on January 2nd.
Jeb, Columba and Sugar will call Coral Gables home.