Utilities Tax Exemption for Local Businesses Approved

The Taylor County Commission has approved an ordinance that allows certain businesses in the county to apply for exemptions from state sales tax on their electric bill.

Business owners could see a 50 or 100 percent tax exemption on utilities.

Taylor County Economic Developer Rick Breer explained, "If the business, for example, rents a facility that has been closed or buys a building and opens it up and puts a new business in there, they would be eligible for a sales tax refund on the electricity used."

Owner of Handy Rentals, Marlene Harrison says of the approval, "I think it's great. We get so few breaks as small business owners that every little bit helps. It's hard to stay in business sometimes. People don't realize all of the expenses that go along with being a business owner, being self-employed."

Businesses within the Enterprise Zone, meaning those outside of the Perry City limits, are eligible to apply for the utilities tax exemption.