Road Side Assistance for Motorists Traveling through Leon County

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Service patrolman like Johnnie House drive up and down Interstate-10 looking for those having car troubles. "The roads are busy, people are traveling and we want out guys to continue working. So we don't want people to be stranded or in the way, causing an accident. We are glad to be out here to assist them and keep them going."

Leon County patrolman drive from exit 192 to exit 209, searching for distressed drivers, offering many types of assistance. The tasks they perform include anything from changing a tire, to jump-starting your battery. Perhaps the best part is that it's free.

Sandi Moline, a motorist, says, "I think it's great. This is actually the first I've heard of it. I think it's great especially me driving by myself.

Chris Becker, also enjoys the service, "I think it's an incredible thing, especially around the holiday. There are so many people that are stuck on the side of the road. they get help for nothing, that's incredible, and that's wonderful."

So wonderful, that many drivers like Christian McCormick, who is just passing through, say they wish they had the service where they live. "There's not many places that I know of that would have that kind of service, so it's real comforting."

Comforting for those unfortunate motorists who find themselves stranded.

The road side assistance isn't just for the holidays. The program will last until the construction on Interstate-10 in Leon County is complete. DOT personnel are driving white trucks with flashing yellow lights. They should find you, but if not, call the Florida Highway patrol at *FHP and they will contact DOT for assistance.