Lottery Sales On the Rise

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The sounds of some lottery winners cashing in on their prizes.

In Florida and Georgia retailers have seen sales sky rocket as folks buy lottery tickets as gifts for the holidays.

"It's been going up tremendously throughout the season", said Simon Kishe, cashier at a local convenient store.

Many customers say they like to give the lottery tickets as a bonus to a traditional gift.

"Somebody's going to get that instant gratification I know I definitely saw my parents win 50-20 dollars here and there at Christmas parties", said Robin Brewer, buys lottery tickets.

Buying a scratch off ticket during the holiday season makes for a great gift and in Florida and Georgia some of that money goes towards education.

Joanne Graf says she buys tickets because it helps out education, "I think education is obviously very important for everybody, in the state of Florida whether you are young or old, in or out of state so I think it's a great cause".

People who buy the tickets as gifts say it's an inexpensive way to have some fun during the holidays.

"I think it's a lot of fun, I usually get scratch offs from my family and it's always kinds of neat if people win, it's fun to do it so I think it's great for people to do it around Christmas time", said Graf.

Many say this holiday season, it's all just fun and games.

In both the Sunshine and Peach states, lottery sales have raised more than 24 billion dollars going towards education.