5-Hour Energy Drink Could Be to Blame in 13 Deaths

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Tallahassee, FL- They are drinks that are supposed to give you a big boost of energy.

There are claims that a certain energy drink is doing a lot more than that, even killing people.

FSU Health Promotion Director Amy Magnuson says "just because you can purchase it in a store or online doesn't necessarily mean that it's safe"

And some people are even saying the 5-Hour energy drink could be deadly.

As many as 13 people nationwide may have died from these drinks over the last four years.

FSU Graduate Student Chelsea says "I had half of one once and it immediately gave me a headache, i felt nauseous"

The 5-Hour energy drink is a drink of choice for many on college campuses throughout the area.

FSU Junior Anna says "I think a lot of students use it, you stay up late for studying, it help keep you focused, keep going throughout the night"

FAMU Freshman Nandi says "a lot of people drink them at my school, they couldn't go to sleep"

Rick Adams says "it's still not known if the 5-Hour energy drink is to blame for all of these deaths, but one thing is for certain these little drinks do pack a powerful punch.

FSU Health Promotion Director Amy Magnuson says "what they're consuming is high amounts of caffeine, particularly for some individuals who may be sensitive to caffeine, it could be harmful"

FSU Senior Brian says "after an hour or two I get my high, but come right back down and get a little crash"

Representatives from 5-Hour energy are disputing these death claims.

They say that the energy shot contains the same amount of caffeine as 12 ounces of premium coffee.

The Food and Drug Administration is continuing their investigation.
Also, 5-Hour energy drinks could be linked to 32 people being hospitalized over the last 4 years.

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