Last Minute Shoppers

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Christmas eve is a time when the roadways are expected to be busy. But in Tallahassee, the entrance to the mall looked more like a highway, as shoppers wait until the last minute to purchase those holiday gifts. Timothy Gurley is one of those desperate shoppers. He made the trip from Georgia with one special lady on his mind. "I have my mother and I have to finish up. She wants some of everything so I'm going to go ahead and finish up my last minute shopping and make it back across the Florida line."

The mall is packed with these last minute shoppers and most of them are men who say they just don't have enough time to shop during the holiday season. "We're procrastinators. My excuse is that I just don't have enough time. I wait until the last minute." Joseph Sheets, a last-minute shopper, says, "I don't think anybody wants to wait until the last minute, but everybody has school and work and everything and they get home and want to spend time with the family and before they know it you realize oh, I haven't bought anything I need to go buy."

But these last-minute shoppers say they still hope to find the perfect gift just in time for Christmas.

Governor's Square Mall opened at seven Christmas eve morning and was open until six p.m. to help those procrastinating shoppers.