Perdue Ready to Make Good on Campaign Promises

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Governor Sonny Perdue should have little problem keeping the promises he made during his re-election campaign. The list isn't very long.

Perdue says the campaign pledges he did make were a tax cut for senior citizens and more police to combat Internet sex predators and methamphetamine.

There will be no splashy new government programs. Indeed, Perdue is likely to be under considerable pressure to keep the lid on spending as the state's economy shows signs of cooling. He may also have to rein in lawmakers who are proposing various tax cuts.

Perdue's minimalist approach is a far cry from the more activist styles of previous governors. His predecessor, Roy Barnes, tried to overhaul the state's education system. Before him, Zell Miller rocked the state's political landscape by pushing through the lottery.

Aides say Perdue will begin to unveil his agenda when the session starts January 8th.