A Tallahassee Dinner for Hundreds

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For close to 20 years this is what Christmas is all about for some in Tallahassee, getting together and hosting a holiday dinner for more than 200 people.

Blue Whitaker has been helping with this event for 14 years and says it takes a lot of people to make this happen.

"I and my crew of dwarfs back here, have been cooking Christmas dinner, some of us for 8, 10, me I'm the eldest, for 14 years."

The Trinity United Methodist Church is once again opening its doors for those in the community who would otherwise be alone for Christmas.

Michelle Weidner has been volunteering for nine years and said, "Every year it's just really rewarding, a way to spend Christmas with our family and we're so fortunate, and it's nice to give something back."

More than 50 volunteers served up all the Christmas fixings, a hot meal that might be the first in a long time for some of the guests.

This is the first time Dave Arcihea has volunteered at the church, and he said, "I didn't have anything to do and my friend said she was going to a church to volunteer, I thought it was so awesome, because you do something that's not about you."

This is Milt Baugness's fifth year volunteering and he said, "We're extending ourselves to people in the community, to make sure they have a great meal for Christmas, and experience some of the magical part of Christmas I think everyone should try to capture."

For the volunteers, this is a yearly Christmas tradition, but for those needing the meal, it's a blessing of the season. Those who were served the Christmas dinner also took home agoodie bag that included fruit and crackers.