A Local Santa Helps Families in Need

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Laura Little is a single mother of three who lost nearly everything including her home to a fire. The struggling mother knew Christmas might not be full of joy this year.

"I just didn't think the kids were going to have anything because we've been tight trying to replace everything and catch up."

That all changed when C.P. Miller played Santa for the day, bringing gifts to the Little's and four other families in need.

Miller said, "It's just unbearable to know that there's a child somewhere that does not have a good Christmas."

Cody Little talks about some of the gifts he received.

"I got a guitar, a puppet, and an airplane."

Emotions were high as the family was surprised with the greatest gift a Merry Christmas.

Laura Little said, "It's basically indescribable. They were just so happy. They were so excited and it made me feel really good."

Miller said, "It's just overwhelming to see a child rush through his presents and be as happy as Zachary was.

The children describe this Christmas as, "A great one. This is the one I never had."

It was a bright Christmas, thanks to a carrying man full of holiday spirit.