Community to Build Home for Girl in Coma

The Valdosta community is coming together once again to help out a family in need.

Volunteers are building this home, which will be given to the family of Jennifer Tucker.

She's the 10-year-old girl who was infected with eastern equine encephalitis this summer.

"We've gotten so much help and so many contributions from different builders and people donating their time and so we're going to make this house a reality and try to make Jennifer as comfortable as possible," says Mayor Jamie Rainwater.

Jennifer remains in a coma in an Atlanta Hospital, but this home is designed with wide doors and other features to accommodate her every need once she is allowed to leave the hospital and continue her rehabilitation at home.

Friends say her mother is overwhelmed by the community's generosity.

"She's just as happy and overjoyed and can't really believe what it happening, the blessings that she sees coming out of this tragedy," says Valdosta councilman Sonny Vickers.

The home will not cost the tucker family a singe dime, but organizers say they need volunteers of all skill levels to show up this weekend.

"They can still show up, we've got landscaping we've got to do, they can bring somebody nails, they can tote water, they can bring sandwiches, so there's plenty to be done," adds Edgar Roberts.

And everyone hopes that Jennifer will be able to return to her new home very soon.

The tucker home is located at 1515 Queen Street in Valdosta, and everyone is encouraged to stop by and help out.