DUI Warnings

By Kate Gaier
4:00 pm December 26, 2006

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says every 30 minutes somewhere in the United States a motorist is killed in an alcohol related crash.

To help protect motorists this holiday season, agencies are beefing up patrols and conducting more sobriety checkpoints.

Statistics show nearly 13,000 people died last year in alcohol related crashes. Most the drivers we spoke with support sobriety checkpoints.

Kathy Freeman commented, "I think they're great and I think they should be held more often, especially during the holiday season, and I appreciate them. I don't mind being stopped."

Charlie William added, "I don't mind it because they're doing a good thing, doing a good deed for people, saving people's life. I think it's a great thing."

Safety tips for New Year's celebrations include designating a driver before the party starts, buckling up, and if you're the designated driver make sure everyone gets home safely.